L'Ostal el Pintre

The site has as an ambition to present my workshop like my productions to you.
You will be able at the time of your visit on «OSTAL del PINTRE»
In Conques in Aveyron , to make knowledge with our SPLENDID VILLAGE with through 
various works proposed.My painting is realistic and figurative with choice of materials:
Oil-base paint, original watercolour or reproduction, inks or various joinings coming from nature (sheets, sweet chestnuts, feathers...) fabrics like old documents, photographs ..... 
Manufacture creation realization and sale of sign to old, personalized , one of our achievements .....
Working in a hot area, I use little the acrylic resin (drying too fast), and for the oil-base paint, I add linseed oil to it, in order to delay drying and to leave the pigments " tender to heart ", which gives in finality a fatty painting thus brilliant and luminous. I organize all the year of the improvement or introductory courses, " on the site " with Conques, medieval village which is classified world Patrimoine UNESCO for its abbey and his bridge of the pilgrims.
Presentation of the artist, exposures of the artist.
To join to us by mail - Martine Veyron the Ostal del Pintre 12320 Conques France

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